Monday, February 23, 2009

Introduction to Euranimate's official project blog

I've had to reevaluate this project half a dozen times, and expect to do so even faster in the coming days. IMDb has completely failed as a means of generating interior buzz, seeing as it's so slow and self sustaining support has not been provided from within either area. There's one trick that we haven't tried, and it's to backhand the golden rule.

Here's how the principle works: group A focuses on Group B, and Group B focuses on Group A. Each one is so focused on changing the other that they hardly care to notice how the other group has changed their selves. That seems to be how it works, though we'll have to prove this principle in the real. In order to get this project futher, we'll play the middlemen, and allow for the groups to sort out each other's affairs.

Here's the basic concept as we'd play it.

Group One: Analytical Group to help organize the Experience group
Group Two: Experience Group to help organize the Analytical group
Middlemen: Sort out ideas brought up by each group, and use them to organize the other group

Now that we have an organizational blog, we are in a position to be the middlemen as there's now a means to establish some inner order among ourselves. Beforehand, we were struggling between two places of organization which, of course, doesn't work for organizing a project efficiently.

Here's how the project stands now, as I've managed to reinterpret it:

Three active contributors with presently assigned roles:
regomarliam-Project leader, organizer of Analytical group at IMDb, international perspective organizer
mjf314-Organizer of Experience group at YouTube, international perspective contributor
MrElg-Country perspective organizer?, international perspective contributor

These two places on different sites will be centers where we'll center the two groups, the Analytical center at IMDb, and the Experience center on YouTube. When we've set up each of these groups to allow for satisfactory discussion of the other, we'll have to promote the project elsewhere, explaining the organization as it is at the moment. If this doesn't make much sense, think of it as the left and right brain, where one side is designed to help work with the other.

One problem with the way we're currently organized is that this is simply on a project basis, with fixed ideas. We're doing this to keep the system orderly, and keep out all the filthy conversation, but it just won't work. The first step to getting people interested is to simply throw all that restricting order right out of the window, to focus on promoting good discussions which develop without our interference. I'll talk about this some more once both of you find this blog.

Anybody who finds this blog with an intelligent comment can post. All comments here are moderated.

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