Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How We'll Create Momentum

I already explained my idea earlier: We organize people and lead them to two different places on the web. We'll rely on the ideas present in the people joining the groups and encourage each group to organize each other's section in the International Perspective.

Since so many concepts of perspective get confusing and the system keeps changing, I'll break this idea of the International Perspective down quickly:
First there is all the discussion of European animation on the English language internet.
Second, there are those who have noticed the Euranimate project.
Third, there are those who've actively taken the time to express their views on the project.
Fourth and last, there are the active contributors who have taken a stance and taken steps to support this project for European animation.

Let's compare and contrast YouTube and the IMDb for their relative high and low points:

Active participation: Our YouTube group requires registration but is more focused on the project itself which will encourage active participation. On the IMDb, anybody registered can drop in an idea, but people mostly become distracted with other topics and it really won't work too well for serious focus.

Room for inner growth: YouTube allows for a larger concentration of members due to the number of people registered and the ease of registration, but it doesn't give people much to work with. The IMDb doesn't give much hope for bringing a large number of people together, but it allows for members to submit information to improve a more permanent and useful database.

What we'll probably end up doing when there are more people is using YouTube to get people organized, and redirecting people to the IMDb whenever we need something done there, to lay down the law.

Here's how we're going to get the people interested, the same principle at both places:
On both the IMDb and on YouTube, we'll begin with two topics to draw interest to our cause. Organizational topics will be updated once we get more interest.

First Topic: Members are encouraged to bring up subjects from more obscure corners of the site and direct attention both ways.
Second Topic: Any Group Organizer or Perspective contributor brings up topics which will be explored for their potential of being of greater use to the Euranimate project. 

I'll personally start each of these topics to avoid delay, but I need you, mjf314. to lower the restrictions on the YouTube group to allow for free flowing conversation.

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