Monday, February 23, 2009

First of many half-baked ideas: an RSS feed

You've read the title, now you're probably wondering exactly what we'd use an RSS feed for in particular. It's another web term which I've often heard used, but until now I hadn't realized exactly what it was, or how one could be used. Here are some ideas of ways that we may end up using them in the future:

An RSS feed would mean that we could organize a large number of sites, put them all on a form requesting updates, and have all updates be given not just to the sender, but to everybody on the list.

If the person who created the feed wrote their own page into the feed, that would mean that a self aware network would be created.

This is a huge development!

Humor me while I go off on a slight tangent, and start to piece together a few minor pieces of trivia:

We have a YouTube group to gather fan interest. allows for fans to submit a petition.
Netflix allows films to be suggested for inclusion in their library. (I can't find the web link right now, sadly)
Netflix has a lists system which allows for titles to be discovered.
Netflix has an unofficial community where fans can discuss their tastes.
New popular animated films from Europe have a large amount of support, but fans have to wait a long time for them to be dubbed.
A 2 way RSS feed would allow for immediate updates to a large group of people on one subject.

We now have discovered a small but reliable loop of self perpetuating interest, now follow along with me.

We find sites full of fans for new releases and put the sites on an RSS feed to look for interest. We direct their attention to the Euranimate group on YouTube. We petition for the release of more films by directing people to from our YouTube group. To ensure their availability, we ensure that Netflix will stock the titles. Members will put titles they enjoy on their YouTube lists for others to find. Hardcore animation fans on Netflix will talk about the titles, and intrigued friends can be directed to the YouTube group.

It's a small start, but it reminds us of something that we can do right now, if we can just get somebody websmart to create an RSS feed.

First things first though, I've become inspired for a way to get this project going at both the IMDb and the YouTube group. 

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